Rental of tools and systems for diagnostics and monitoring

Boviar offers rental services (throughout the national territory) for a large part of the equipment: vibrometric units, pacometers, ultrasound units, equipment for loading and cutting masonry in tests with flat jacks, wood penetrometers, systems data acquisition for monitoring.The rental is organized mainly as a possibility for the customer to evaluate preliminarily the quality of the instrument (testing it by carrying out work) and then decide on the purchase (in this case we generally cancel all or part of the rental cost).

Commonly hired equipment and systems:

  • Static and dynamic data acquisition systems (with the exception of sensors to lose and / or weld / cement with relative connection cables, to be purchased) and Relevant tele-data management services (FTP services, M2M SIM gprs / umts, web-monitoring ).
  • Equipment for georadar surveys and data processing software for detection and mapping of Opera utilities.
  • 2 wheels Duo and a Hi-Mod with one module; for structural surveys, a system consisting of a Fast data acquisition unit
  • Single channel wave, 2000 or 3000 MHz high frequency antenna with backpack for transport; all rental systems come complete with notebooks / laptops for management
  • Vibra vibrometric monitoring unit
  • P331-H Pacometer
  • Control unit for sonic / ultrasonic / tomographic CMS investigations
  • Pump to perform tests with flat jacks M2H16
  • Sawing machine for making cuts in tests with flat jacks
  • Socap 6 × 3 loading tanks for floor testing tests
  • T-Test K12 reading unit and any displacement transducers for floor / pile testing
  • Pull-out equipment (excluding plugs to be purchased)Windsor probe (excluding propulsive charges to be purchased) MCHA cross-hole equipment
  • Equipment for performing echometric tests on foundation piles (SIT / It-System – “MCHA PIT”)
  • Sacconi Socap for testing tests of 3000 and 5000 liters complete with chains for anchoring beams Wood penetrometer mod. PD400 complete with processing software
  • “SES” system for floor slab inspection / analysis

Flexible purchase / supply formulas

The market is always looking for new and flexible supply formulas to respond more closely to specific customer needs or to meet “unpredicatble” demands.

Our short-term rental service (from a few days to a few weeks / month), in a simple, convenient and flexible way solves many of this needs: it faces a sudden work load, has tax advantages, provides sureness of costs and allows opportune choices.

With our rental formula we want to offer everyone the opportunity to access to tested and calibrated tools, verified by specialized technicians, and to enjoy technical assistance at national level.

The rental formula applies to a wide range of our equipment (see rental section).

To the classic purchase formulas with a possible deposit and installment plan, we offer, in collaboration with some Credit Institutions, leasing and long-term operational solutions that ultimately have a great interest both for the innovative formula (if compared to the type of goods in question) that for the tax advantages introduced by the latest regulations on the subject (eg the 2016 Stability Law and ssmi – as an example for the 140% super-amortization); solutions that can be integrated with insurance coverage for theft, fire, and accidental damage.

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