Analysis and Development of Monitoring Systems

The peculiarity of the Boviar offer derives from the role it holds as a specialistic link between designers, companies and clients.
Boviar studies and develops solutions for monitoring thanks to the integration of its different experiences and professionalism and to the continuous and systematic comparison with the client and research institutes: this leads to the proposal of innovative and high value-added technological solutions to complex problems in a spirit of strong partnership with the customer, always paying the utmost attention to the expected economic, maintenance and performance requirements.
The elaboration of the project ideas takes place through a direct and repeated interaction with the client, passing from a first analysis of the requests and specifications, to the definition of operational proposals, up to the supply and installation “turnkey” with the configuration of the systems , software and functional testing.In every job, the following are fundamental: the synergy of the executive experiences and the internal and external skills of the company, the continuous comparison with the stringent market needs (economic and temporal), the adaptation of the most innovative technologies with the consolidated ones and the challenging comparison but necessary with the academic world.In any monitoring system it is essential during the design phase to consider the context where the acquisition stations and the networking system that interconnects them will be located: each prerogative of the equipment used is related to the peculiar characteristics of the installation site to get the most efficient solution; the choice of the transmission network, its architecture, the level of redundancy, are optimized according to the operating context and the needs of the overall system, in order to obtain an efficient and longlasting system.

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