Realization and Software Development for Diagnostic and Monitoring tools

Boviar has been designing and manufacturing softwares for structural and material diagnostics and monitoring systems for years, using or adopting the most reliable and innovative technologies, to offer customers increasingly cutting-edge and performing products.

Software solutions designed and developed on standard or open source platforms are functional to customization on specific and peculiar application needs submitted by customers, or to the management and supervision of monitoring systems, in the perspective of system integration and exploiting the most modern internet-based technologies that allow the use and processing of data at any time and “always on”.

The software for the management and supervision of the monitoring systems are offered both in the supply mode with any service and maintenance contracts, and in Software as a service (SaaS) mode, in the cloud.In this section you can view the range of our software products; go to the “Support” area to download the latest product version available.

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