Structural, Geotechnical, Energy, Meteorological and Agri-food Monitoring Systems

Boviar realizes instruments and systems for geotechnical structural monitoring in the industrial sector, as much as in the energy, environmental, meteorological and agri-food sectors: from data acquirers up to systems (multi-parametric customized systems also based on specific application requirements of the customer).

This is supported by prestigious works accomplished over the years, sometimes particularly complex for narrowing technical specifications to be satisfied in terms of continuity of operation of the plants, efficiency and operating efficiency required, as well as the inherent questions of safety and reliability for civil protection:

In the “Projects and references” section, you can find some of our projects and our references in monitoring dams, tunnels and underground works, areas in conditions of hydrogeological instability and landslides, historic buildings, bridges and embankments, railway lines, wind farms and landfill parks.

By engaging in a continuous and rigorous research and development program, the company carries out specific software applications, a wide range of sensors for measuring heterogeneous physical quantities, data acquisition devices capable of satisfying the most disparate needs, from simple acquisition to control remote for managing systems both automatically and manually; the systems offered are realized to operate even in the most severe environmental conditions.

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