Business Unit

Boviar is not only a specialized supplier of solutions for non-destructive diagnostic checks, but is on the market also as a systems integrator: in the particular field of monitoring in civil-geotechnical-environmental engineering, in fact, it has capabilities (understood as applied knowledge ) to integrate and manage information relating to:

  • what are the coherent and significant elements for the specific application
  • how data are acquired (with evaluation of different acquisition solutions, acquisition of feeders, storage / storage of readings).
  • how data are managed and represented to make them better usable to the user (also through integrations with software solutions, designed and developed internally on standard and / or open source platforms, for the management and supervision of systems)
  • how data are made available (especially knowledge of the various wired / wireless communication-transmission means)
  • how to support the meaning of the data (assistance with processing and interpretation, in relation to the specific phenomena under observation)

And this is supported by the works acquired in recent years, sometimes particularly complex due to the stringent technical specifications to be met in terms of the continuity of operation of the plants, effectiveness and efficiency of operation, as well as the intrinsic safety questions for civil protection;
by way of non-exhaustive example:

  • Systems for monitoring the temperature in underground tunnel excavation using ground-freezing technique (eg Naples, Mestre, Rome Line B1)
  • Environmental and vibrometric monitoring systems (Scilla-Bagnara railway network, Church of Madonna delle Lacrime in Syracuse, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge in Venice, Church of Anime Sante in L’Aquila, Church of San Pietro ad Aram in Naples)
  • Structural monitoring systems (ACEA hydraulic tunnel at the Peschiera springs, Acerra-Pomigliano d’Arco section of the Circumvesuviana in Naples)
  • Multi-parameter monitoring systems (eg Ponte Chiauci dam on the Trigno river)

View in the “Projects and References” section, some of our projects and references in the monitoring of dams, tunnels and underground works, areas in conditions of hydrogeological instability and landslides, historic buildings, bridges and embankments, railway lines , wind farms and landfills.