Temperature monitoring system of the freezing system of the entrance tunnels of Naples metro station (Piazza Municipio)

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The monitoring system called UTV (Underground Thermal View) is intended for Ground Freezing applications for the construction of special underground works for which a portion of land is frozen and kept in this state for the duration of the works.
In order to be able to regulate the supply of coolants and to verify the achievement of the project temperatures in the various sections of interest, it is necessary to create an automatic detection system of these quantities to be able to dispose of them in real time and for consultation in order to obtain the cooling model of the particular soil.
The UTV system allows the user to define an appropriate format for the graphical and tabular export of the data in order to make the propagation of the set cold front and the monitoring of the drives available (realtime mode via a website) (quantity of refrigerants used ) for online control of the effectiveness and costs of the process. The customization of the controls and layouts allows the interface of this system with the other process systems and constitutes an immediate and reliable site management tool.

Location: Naples – Italy

Customer: I.CO.P. S.p.A. and Icotekne Consortium


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