Micro-climatic monitoring of the crypt of the Basilica of S. Pietro in Aram

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Reconnaissance analysis prior to the restoration and micro-climatic monitoring system of the crypt of the Basilica of S. Pietro in Aram.

The project illustrates the results of the research carried out with the scientific non-destructive investigation equipment used.
The research highlights the preliminary reconnaissance analysis of any restoration.
The project was born from the studies conducted on the crypt of the Basilica of San Pietro ad Aram by the architects Armando Cinnella and Daniela Sanseverino, on the occasion of the VII Culture Week of 2005.
The particular relevance of this monument for the historical, artistic, architectural and archaeological complexities, with implications also on the historical-urban evolution of the city of Naples, has led scholars to broaden their knowledge, making use of innovative methods of cognitive investigations of the built (GPR surveys , sonic and ultrasonic TDAS, ultrasonic tomography). ”

Location: Crypt of S.Candida, Basilica San Pietro ad Aram – Naples – Italy

Customer: MiBAC


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