About Us

The Company offers solutions to the needs of tools and techniques in order to support all the workers and the professionals in charge with regard to:

  • Structural diagnostics and in situ materials
  • Monitoring in the field of civil (buildings / infrastructure), geotechnic and environmental engineering
  • Vibration detection
  • Load tests on floors
  • Instrumentation for carrying out experimental tests
  • Dynamic tests and monitoring

The two company offices in Lainate (MI) and Casoria (NA) manage and coordinate the promotional work and the management of orders on the market having as a common thread the competitiveness combined with the historical experience of the company and the competence of its technical and commercial staff . A distinctive feature of the company is in fact the in-depth knowledge of the products offered and the offer of technical support in all phases of the relationship with the Customer (from assistance and pre-sales consultancy to support during the data processing phase and to the timeliness of after-sales assistance); knowledge of application problems (in structural, geotechnical, geological, environmental engineering): the company’s internal staff is made up entirely of technicians and salesmen with multi-disciplinary and complementary skills (geologists, civil engineers, geotechnical, electronic, telecommunications , surveyors and technical experts) and the professionalism the company has always operated with is recognized, even by the competitors.

BOVIAR designs and manufactures its own measurement systems: from data acquisition, control units up to systems or multi-parametric monitoring installations and “customized” software for specific application needs. To support the planning, development and supply activities, BOVIAR is able to provide assistance to monitoring systems and systems both on site and remotely (with the most modern tele-communication and / or Internet-connected technologies) and propose contracts of preventive ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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