Boviar is historically (since 1969) specialized in the supply and consultancy for the planning of pumping systems of all types, fire protection systems and industrial valves.
BOVIAR is an agent for Campania of VARISCO SPA

Sectors: Construction – Industry – Fire – Protection – Security

  • centrifugal pumps self-priming
  • centrifugal pumps volumetric pumps
  • membrane and single screw pumps submersible
  • drainage and sewerage pumps submersible pumps
  • special pumps for civil protection and firefighters
  • wellpoint systems
  • BOVIAR is an agent for Campania of VARISCO WELLPONT SRL:

    • rental of motor pumps and self-priming centrifugal electric pumps
    • submersible pump rental rental of dredging pumps
    • genset rental

BOVIAR is an agent for Campania of VIKING SA:

  • fire fighting components for sprinkler
  • systems grooved fittings anti-seismic fixation UL/FM valves
  • fire protection system accessories foam and monitor systems

BOVIAR is a distributor of DRAGFLOW – TSURUMI PUMPS products:

  • submersible pumps for heavy-duty use with and without agitator high head submersible pumps
  • submersible pumps for civil and industrial purifications kimmer
  • submersible shredder pumps with knives both electric and hydraulic dredging pumps
  • construction and preparation of dredges of small and large dimensions radio-controlled dredging pumps
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